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Physicians' Legal Support

Medical Worker

Medical Office Management

Operating a medical establishment is not an easy task, irrespective of the scale of services. A medical office manager is responsible for developing and implementing office policies and procedures, managing patient records and handling payrolls and billings or budgets when necessary. A medical office manager's job is challenging since they wear multiple hats. The success of the facility and the caliber of treatment your patients receive are all directly impacted by the medical office manager's abilities and performance. Our team of professionals can streamline this process and ensure you are free to focus on your practice free of distractions.

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Medical Negligence & Malpractice

Medical negligence and malpractice reflect the real harm or death caused to a patient due to treatment that deviates from set and accepted medical standards or practices. In such a situation the family of the injured often don’t realize the legal rights they have or often don’t have the time to seek legal recourse in their time of grief. At the same time many medical establishments require legal counsel to protect themselves from frivolous and fake complaints of malpractice or often have to defend their set line of treatment in cased of alleged medical negligence. A lawyer well versed with medical and consumer protection laws can help you handle your negligence and malpractice matters safely.

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Licensing & Registration of Professionals

Each medical practitioner is required to be certified by obtaining the necessary license and registration from the respective medical associations or other statutory bodies before they can legally begin their practice. Each medical instruction has its own licensing requirements in addition to assuring all of their medical staff has valid and active licenses to practice. This requires a structured approach with documentation and a complex application process which is followed by renewals from time to time. Our team of expert medical lawyers will help you through the documentation process and get you the required licensing.

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Telemedicine Regulations & Counseling

Virtual healthcare services are on the rise. Setting up a telemedicine service is as complicated an endeavor as opening a physical clinic or hospital. Setting up the right business model, checking on regulatory frameworks across jurisdictions to conceptualizing and setting up the online platforms while keeping privacy/security and medical ethics in mind, the steps and legal implications are numerous. One wrong move or missed compliance in the structure can have a cascading effect on the whole practice. An efficient lawyer, well versed with medical, privacy and contract laws can help you understand these regulations better and help you get an upper hand.


Contract Analysis, Drafting & Management

Healthcare facilities need specific kinds of contracts, regardless of their size or medical specialization. These contracts describe the relationship between the facility and the identified individual or entity, the responsibilities and obligations of each party, the termination date of the relationship, and other critical details that are directly related to the contract's objective. It can be challenging and time-consuming to manage that many various forms of contracts associated to the medical industry, all of which need to meet regulatory criteria and maintain a certain level of compliance. Our team of expert medical lawyers, can help in drafting and managing these contracts for your establishment.


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